Hydropet is a program calculates hydrogeochemical types and spesific ratios of waters according to ten chemical and five isotopic classification systems

Program contains Sulin (1946), Chebotarev (1955), Schoeller (1955), Wei et al (1946), Bojarski (1970), Schoeneich (1971), Vel’kov (1960), Ozdemir and Turgay(2017), Buljan (1963) with Jamil (2004), and Rosenthal (2004) classifications as chemical interpretations, In isotopical interpretations tab contains Wang et. Al (2016), Waples (1985), Clark (2015), Reich et al (2013) and Allagre (2013) classifications.

It is working for one chemical dataset each session.

Data input screenshot of Hydropet Software

The main purpose of program is detecting possible petroleum accumulations in wildcat basins or fields. Making iso/hydrohips curves by taking advantage of this program like below,

IBEand Na/Cl ratio curves overlayed on google earth

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