Fındıng oıl and gas wıth cheaper methods

Geochemistry and hydrogeochemistry is the key of finding filled traps. “There’s no smoke without fire”  Using geochemistry, we find clues about hydrocarbons with two different ways; 1- Hydrogeochemical clues  -Connate waters (represents Marine sediments: Planctonic Lipid rich: Type 2 and Humic Kerogene Type 3: oil and gas) this type of waters are formed in old […]


This applet is using for determine hydrogeochemical facies of waters according to International Association of Hydrogeologists Flowchart of program is take water datas from user  convert mg/l datas to meq and epm  make a list of both anions and cations  chose the biggest epm of both anions and cations from lists secondly chose epm data […]